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The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver
1601 Bayshore Drive · VancouverBritish ColumbiaV6G 2V4 · Canada  • Phone: (604) 682-3377 • Fax: (604) 687-3102 · Hotel Reservations: 866-716-8108
Local Time: 3:24 AM • Weather: Variably cloudy, 14 °C Live Webcam
Vancouver green hotel

Vancouver Green Hotel

The Westin Bayshore is a Vancouver green hotel that has been awarded a 4 Green Key rating from the Hotel Association of Canada for showing national industry leadership and commitment to protecting the environment through wide ranging policies and practices.  Each of our departments embraces a green approach the following ways.

Vancouver Green Hotel - Spa

Vancouver Green Hotel - LillyPads

Vancouver Green Hotel - New Growth

Vancouver Green Hotel - Agave


  • The hotel financed the creation of Cardero Park (east side of hotel) during the last renovation in 2000 - more green space!


Convention groups can opt to have a green check-in whereby:

  • Guests are presented with the option of having their folio emailed at check-out to reduce paper
  • Daily newspaper delivery is optional


  • Our guest rooms have all been equipped with recycling blue boxes since 1993: we recycle paper, bottles, cans and plastics
  • Optional linen cleaning program allows guests to choose whether or not they want to reduce their linen washing - saving energy and water
  • Non-toxic cleaners used in Housekeeping and laundry
  • Left over soap and shampoo is collected and given to charity
  • "Hanger caddies" are located in Housekeeping and associate locker rooms to recycle hangers
  • Used linen is recycled as rags and drop sheets for painting
  • Some old towels are donated to the Vancouver SPCA
  • Old beds, furniture and equipment is sold to a liquidator for resale
  • TV's in guest rooms have an energy saver - shut off after a period of time
  • Casement closed in guest rooms - thermostats at 20C (68F) in winter and 22C (72F) in summer
  • Chemicals are in spray bottles as opposed to spray cans
  • All guest rooms are Breathe Westin non-smoking - reduced the use for air freshener chemicals
  • Old memos and letters to guests are used as scrap paper in Housekeeping
  • Vacuums were changed to a more dust free disposable bag
  • Motion sensor paper towel dispensers placed in heart of the house areas and in kitchen
  • Make a Green Choice program rewards guests for choosing to conserve natural resources in their guestroom


  • Garbage and recycling sorting stations throughout convention centre
  • Recycling blue boxes in all meeting rooms
  • To reduce waste pads of paper, pens and mints can be set as stations in meeting room instead of at each setting
  • Heavy-duty meeting cloths which require less frequent cleaning
  • We serve only Starbucks Café Serena Organic Coffee
  • Condiments can be placed in bulk containers to reduce wasteful packaging
  • Go linenless: we have custom buffet tables and back bar units that require no linens - reducing energy and water for linen cleaning
  • All our dishes, cutlery and linens are reusable
  • Biodegradable wooden cutlery and recyclable boxes for to-go lunches
  • Option of using pitchers of water instead of water bottles and choice of using jugs of juice instead of individual bottles
  • We use mugs instead of teacups and saucers to reduce dish washing


  • Our conference centre, built in 2002, was built energy-efficient, maximizing natural light to reduce electricity and heating
  • Newly renovated rooms have reduced our energy consumption by 60% by installing state-of-the-art digital room thermostats
  • Installed compact fluorescent bulbs in every fixture that can accept them
  • Sophisticated control system for our cooling plant that senses a number of different variables before deciding which chillers to start and stop = saves electricity
  • Building Control system - gives Engineering individual control over the temperature of every meeting room - ensures that empty rooms have their heating and    cooling reduced as required
  • State-of-the-art digital room thermostats in all new rooms which sense the guest's presence in the room as well as whether the patio door is open
  • Two new very high efficiency boilers, used for both heating and domestic hot water production.
  • Storage rooms are equipped with timer light switches
  • Meeting rooms - lights are turned off after meetings
  • Guest elevator by outdoor pool is shut down from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am
  • Shut down escalators every evening or when 2nd floor not in use
  • Guest floors are closed down in low occupancy months
  • Refreshment Centre fridges are ozone friendly
  • Guest bathroom and guest corridor lighting - energy fluorescent
  • Energy-saving bulbs in the vanity lamps - they only come up to full power if they have been on for more than 7 minutes
  • We changed the refrigerant in both large chillers for a more ozonefriendly product
  • Installed a four-pipe heating/cooling system to replace the old two-pipe system, which was very wasteful of energy
  • The Hotel is a BC Hydro PowerSmart partner, working closely with our Key Account Representative to ensure we are taking advantage of best practices from all    industries
  • The Hotel also uses Six Sigma methodology to ensure we are importing every possible best practice from within our company